Frequently Asked Questions

1Q. How long are the courses?
A. We offer a Basic Diploma Course and an Advanced Diploma Course. Please see the information contained under the topic “Diploma Course Objectives & Details”
2Q. What qualifications must I have before I can take this course?
A. Bachelor’s degree is preferred but the courses are opened to anyone who has experience or a passion for learning and implementing SSEHV in the community.
3Q. Do you have Internet based course so that I can take it remotely?
A. At this time the courses are not available via internet, however, aspects of them are offered on line in the future.
4Q. Do you have scholarships to help with the expenses of the course?
A. The courses are offered at no cost. Participants need to pay for their own own transportation, accommodation, and meals.
5Q. Do you offer CEU credits?
A. At this time CEU credits are not available. However, you will receive a certification after each course is completed that will indicate your hours of course attendance.
6Q. Where can I observe a SSEHV program, either at a school or a community center?
A. Please contact the ISSE at info@isseusa.org for more information about the location of SSEHV programs.
7Q. Do I need to have a teaching certification to teach SSEHV at a school or in the community?
A. You must be certified to teach in a regular school, but may assist a qualified teacher in a school without one if you have completed the first two courses. You only need to complete the first course to work in a community organization. Once you complete the Course Two you have the knowledge to initiate a SSEHV Program. All Programs must be approved and registered with ISSE- USA.
8Q. Will there be separate training courses for parents?
A. The Institute offers Parenting Workshops. Any parent group that is interested should contact the director at info@isseusa.org
9Q. What process needs to be followed for someone to be of help with the institute’s activities?
A. Please feel free to contact the director at info@isseusa.org