St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands May 2-12, 2019: SSEHV Workshops

SSEHV Workshops entitled “Who Am I?” offered to three classes at the St. Croix Career & Technical Education Center (CTEC) Adolescent Life Skills High School

The ISSE-USA’s visit to the St. Croix CTEC Adolescent Life Skills High School was for the purpose of observing Ms. Naima Wade, SSEHV Course 1 & 11 trained teacher, presenting SSEHV to her classroom students, to support her efforts, to offer feedback; and to present SSEHV workshops entitled “Who Am I?” to her three classes of a total of 65 high school students.

Four wonderful days were spent in the classroom with Ms. Wade and her students. Although an SSEHV Direct Lesson wasn’t presented, Ms. Wade’s indirect method/constant integrated awareness was clearly modeled in every aspect of her interactions with the students. The students demonstrated their understanding of the human values through their verbalization and their interactions with Ms. Wade, me and with each other.

The workshop sessions “Who Am I?” began with the showing of the video, Sathya Sai Education in Human Values “Teen Skit” of a group of teens exploring what the human values mean to them. The workshop itself explores and provokes thought on the how the 5 human values are innately a part of every human being and how they can be manifested in every aspect of ones’ daily life. An SSEHV direct lesson is integrated into the workshop.

On the fourth day in Ms. Wade’s classroom, the students spent their entire classroom period with Ms. Hampton, commenting and asking questions related to the workshop and video, and asking questions related to SSEHV.